Used coffee grounds are in abundance

Written by Kate / on 02/21/2011 / 1 Comment


Announcing Ground to Ground - THB's initial foray into Community Composting

We also plan to use Ground to Ground to promote awareness of THB in the community. We (Wayne and I) have drafted up a project plan and would love others to join us in a working group to generate extra ideas and roll it out. How about it?

When cafes put up the Ground to Ground logo (usually on their espresso machine), it means they are happy to give away used coffee grounds. Used coffee grounds are great for the garden. Additionally by using them in our gardens we are making use of an abundant local resource (building resilience.) Plus landfill and its nasty methane gas emissions are avoided. Win, win, win, surely.

We have already asked a few cafes close to us to participate in the Ground to Ground program. Used coffee grounds can now be picked up from:

  • The Picnic Table & Novel Kitchen in Williamstown

  • Feedback Cafe & The Corner Shop in Yarraville

An editable google map of cafes is available at or Ground to Ground Map. We'll update this map when other cafes come on board.

So get along to one of these cafes and support their efforts to divert coffee grounds from landfill. Most likely if a cafe doesn't have a magnet up, its because they don't know about the program...

So ask Wayne or me for a Ground to Ground magnet for YOUR favourite local cafe. (Then update the map.)


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  • Luke says:

    Go Ground to Ground! Fantastic Idea! We currently use a lot of coffee grounds ( on a need to use basis ) from a variety of local cafes when trying to convert allopathic composts.(those from gum trees etc. ) Id love to be involved more in this initiative. Also a couple of considerations might be to consider the division of used organic beans and used conventional beans so that composts generated can in the future be clearly labelled should the ground to ground program connect with a community compost program for example. Lets try and meet up soon.

    February 22, 2011 at 9:48 AM | Permalink


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