Fermenting Friday - Essene Bread

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2pm - 4pm EST Friday, December 2 2011
Kate's kitchen, Newport
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Kate on Nov 15, 2011

Hello fermenting friday friends
Essene bread and cookies are delicious caramelised goodness. It is hard to believe that all you have to do is soak some grains, wait a few days until they sprout some tails, blend, cook, voila.

The attached recipe is a little different so feel free to try that one, but the one I know doesn't add sourdough starter ... you just blend and bake. Note: 3 cups = 600g & 200F is 95C (very important!)
So - interested? Yippee. You can get wheat/rye/speltberries/groats/any wholegrains galore from Friends of the Earth, Replenish, Ceres, Plump and other good places (not very helpful is it).

Everyone is welcome to come along with any stage of the essene bread process: dry grains, soaked & sprouted grains, ready to cook, cooked, with or without starter, raisins or herbs. YUM YUM YUM.

December 2nd
(yo it's a Friday) @ 2pm,               (note you may want to start soaking Nov 28/29)
Kate's place - 10 River St, Newport


RSVP is useful to Kate  kate_m_leslie@yahoo.com.au  but places aren't limited, more = merry

  • your sprouted grains and other tasty bits (see recipe)
  • baking bits (tin/tray)
  • something to complement the esseness
  • SOLAR OVEN - ooh, ahhh, just in case you have one tucked away, bring it along!
  • (powerful blender if convenient)
love fff
ps: always looking for new ideas/venues for 2012. Please email us if you have an idea or you would like to host ...
pps: Sandor Ellix Katz's 'Wild Fermentation' book is in Hobson Bay libraries
ppps: FF history
feb = delish sourbeets (kinda like kraut with beets instead of cabbage)
march = ginger beer - (AmAzing!)
april = sourdough with Ada (OMG)
may = soy milk and tofu (soy milk delight, tofu - ma ma!)
june = sauerkraut (what sensual salty success)
july = fetta (oh the creaminess)
august = sourdough Kat-stylin' (spongalicious)
september = sick
october = kimchi (is it better than sauerkraut?! scandal)
november = tempeh-matic
december = essene goodness
what a list! looking forward to 2012

BTW: we are fermenting our email list so if you would like to be taken off, please email neesh.FF_EsseneBread.pdf


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